As leader, I am guided by 3 values Justice, Tolerance and People. It is what I stand for.

JUSTICE: However fluid the concept of justice may be, fairness is a language that all humanity speaks and just like kindness it something that we must continuously seek regardless of the injustices in our society. To be just and fair in all we do is a light that guides us to Ubuntu.

TOLERANCE: As a leader, there are many people whom you will not agree with for very many reasons. From your fellow politicians to your kin. But just because they hold a different opinion from yours does not mean that they are wrong or bad. Tolerance is a value we need to embody as a people for us to be able to harmoniously co-exist.

PEOPLE: The definition of development is not complete without people. Whether it is social, infrastructural or economic. Everything we do is centred around people and the power they have entrusted us with to have their best interests at heart in all we do. Our people the citizens of Uganda suffer multiple problems as a country. It is our duty to tackle these problems one at a time together with you so that we sooner than later we achieve the Uganda we want. The Uganda that is good for all of us as citizens of the pearl of Africa. That is why we continue to advocate for Good Governance, Accountability and the empowerment of our people to become

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