Parliament was Desecrated and the Will of the People Distorted – Winnie Kiiza


27th September, 2020.
Press Release.


Today marks three years since the cowardly attack on the Parliament of Uganda by the Special Forces Command (SFC), a component of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).
I must confess that it has always been hard to think of a more heinous act than an attack on the temple of democracy, but such is the character of the ruling National Resistance Movement /Army.

Over the course of about four horrifying hours, several Members of Parliament that were opposed to the removal of the presidential age limit were beaten, humiliated and injured by the SFC. My memories will be scarred for life by the experience of that dreadful event.

The attack is a grim reminder of how militarism is incompatible with working principles of democracy. It’s evident that the army has been projected as an extension of the will of an individual, who is perceived as its founder and supreme commander. In fact, the army is an immediate executor of his will. It is a cause for concern that the risk this holds out to our democratic culture goes unnoticed. It is therefore imperative that we recognise the threat this ploy poses to the very survival of our democracy.
There’s absolutely no doubt that the services of our armed forces should be duly recognised and celebrated. However, no constituent of a democratic government-neither the state nor the army, parliament nor judiciary has the right to rob Ugandans of their will.

I wish to acknowledge the bravery and sacrifice of all colleague Members of Parliament that suffered the terrifying ordeal and risked their lives to protect our constitution and most importantly, the will of the people. You displayed exemplary courage and I know for a fact that the people of Uganda shall always remember with pride your sacrifice. Thank you.

Winnie Kiiza, MP
Parliament of Uganda.


  1. This is very important in the history of our country. We should all of us discouraged a repeat of what happened. We should stand firm to discouraged what the army did to the Parliament as an arm of government. Its regrettable and inhuman to our country.
    I uphold you Hon kiiza for coming up strongly and put a hand in developing this country.