M7 Automatically Qualifies To Be A Dictator — Winnie Kiiza


The Kasese district Woman MP and the leader of opposition in Parliament, Winnie Kiiza has said that president Yoweri Museveni automatically qualifies to be named a dictator.

In saying this, Winnie was referring to the way government handled the issue of Rwenzururu kingdom by attacking and merciless killing the royal guards.

While appearing to NBS TV’s Frontline on Thursday evening, Mrs. Kiiza said if Museveni is to lead Uganda in a better way, he should put away his ego and lead people the way they want.

“President Museveni should be able to put his ego down and lead the people the way they want to be led,” Winnie said.

She added that the attacks to people of Kasese came as a punishment because they voted against President Museveni in the recent concluded elections.

“Bakonzo are not violent people, when we voted against NRM, it was a statement to Museveni that we no-longer trust him,” She said before adding that, “Our demand to the President is Mumbere must be released.”

The Kasese massacre has been a subject matter to Ugandans since last weekend following the attack on Rwenzururu kingdom that left scores dead and others including the king arrested.