Welcome to Winnie Kiiza’s Website. Here is how we can work together and make the best of it


Hello there, welcome to my website. I am glad you have taken the time to visit us and find out what we are all about.  We have been working on this platform for a while and are very excited to share it with you.

We plan on using this website and the different communication channels to communicate and interact with our various audiences while engaging them on key issues that we are dealing with as a country and as individuals.

It is our goal that you will find this website a great resource for relevant news and information about what we are doing at the Office of the Leader of Opposition and particularly what I am doing as a Woman member of Parliament for Kasese district.

For starters, you can watch this introductory video that explains what we are trying to achieve with this platform or read below to find out how you can best make use of this website and or engage with me – Winnie Kiiza.

Optimised for both mobile and Web
Because a majority of internet users access it via mobile, we made sure that we optimised the website for both mobile and web allowing it to adapt to any screen size or browser. We are also further optimising it for faster load speeds.

Ease of navigation
Websites like these have multiple pages with a lot of content which can be overwhelming to consume. So we had to think about the best ways to make navigation simple for anyone. From the bold menu in the header, tile layout that is friendly to the eyes, loaded footer, a sitemap and search functionality we have made getting around the website easy as pie.


Stay informed/Stay Up to date
We are going to be updating this website regularly so one of the ways to stay informed or keep updated is to regularly come back to visit. We shall also be implementing an RSS feed for those who use them alongside sharing most of of the information on the website to social media.

Download Press Kit
Finding accurate information can take time and many times journalists, writers, bloggers and different media institutions are looking for good resolution images. We were aware about that so we put together this press kit to provide you with a quick profile/bio of Winnie Kiiza as an individual and in her capacity as the Leader of the opposition in the 10th parliament. We also threw in a couple of high resolution images for web and print media. We hope you find them useful.

Write to LOP directly
Instead of the traditional email, we figured out that a huge majority of our online audience are either on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube with good enough access to the internet and internet devices. So we decided to use a Google form to enable anyone reach me directly

Follow and engage Winnie Kiiza on Social Media
We are Social: We understand the power and influence of communities. Because we are social, you can follow Winnie Kiiza on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. We have also designed most of the information on this website to be shareable. We are looking to these channels for dialogue, engagement and debate on issues that affect us as a people. Feel free to share my pages with your friends to follow as well.

We also took time in ensuring the platform is interactive allowing people to comment on different media items like News, Blogs, Press statements or Videos and share them to their prefered social media channels.