Winnie Kiiza Woman MP for Kasese District joins the A.N.T Party

Winnie Kiiza Woman MP Kasese District

Wednesday 12th August 2020

Winnie Kiiza has today officially joined the Alliance for National Transformation (A.N.T) party. 

She has been a member of the Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) party since its inception and was one of the early members of the Reform Agenda that later gave birth to the FDC party. 

While in the FDC party and for the past 15 years, she served in various capacities including,

  • Chairperson FDC Women’s league Kasese, 
  • Secretary  for local government FDC,
  • Vice Chairperson FDC Kasese 
  • National Deputy Secretary for Mobilisation, Western Uganda, 
  • National Chairperson FDC Women’s league. 

“ I have served well and I have fought the good fight. I have done all I could have within my power to progress the party and our objectives. While our struggle to liberate our country remains the core objective, our methods are fundamentally different and it is important that we partner with those with whom we agree on core ideals and means. 

This is why I am joining the ANT party where my contribution to the struggle for the liberation of Uganda will best yield. I am available for and will partner with all forces of change with whom we share a common objective but the A.N.T party will be my home.” 

She said.  

The firebrand politician recently declared that she will not seek re-election in the upcoming 2021 election in her constituency of Kasese. 

“I am able to speak and participate in active politics even without being in an elective office. This decision was made in consultation with my elders and stakeholders to whom I made promises when seeking office and I have kept my word. I also wanted to practice what we preach by creating room for other capable women leaders in Kasese the same way room was created for me. It will give me much joy to participate in the election of my successor” 

She said. 

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Winnie Kiiza is a Ugandan politician, senior policy maker, social justice advocate and Women rights expert, currently serving as the District Woman Representative of Kasese district in the Parliament of Uganda.

Ms. Kiiza was first elected a Councillor representing Kisinga and Kyondo sub-counties to the Kasese District Local Government Council from 1998-2005.

During her course of service at the district local government, Kiiza was appointed Secretary for Finance & Administration and later Secretary for Education.

Ms. Kiiza has been the District Woman Representative of Kasese district since 2006, and has served in the Parliament of Uganda as a Deputy Opposition Chief Whip, Chairperson of the Government Assurances Committee, Opposition Chief Whip, Chairperson of the Local Government Accounts Committee and Leader of Opposition.

Kiiza is the first female Leader of Opposition in the history of the Republic of Uganda.

In the struggle for good governance and social transformation, she founded the Winnie Kiiza Foundation, an NGO in Uganda that empowers women, youth and the elderly to unlock their full potential in the fight against poverty and social injustice. 

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