Winnie Kiiza’s Message On The International Day of Democracy

Winnie Kiiza

Fellow Ugandans,

It gives me great pleasure to join you today in the celebration of the International Day of Democracy. This special day is designated to provide an opportunity for us to reflect upon the sacrifices we have made and the struggles that we continue to persevere in order to achieve and later consolidate elements of democracy.

Unfortunately, this day finds the entire world grappling with the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, and with little or no attention drawn to elements of democracy. Ultimately, several governments including Uganda have used the pandemic crisis as an opportunity to further entrench repressive measures against their political opponents.

I would like to take advantage of this special day to demand that all democratic governments ensure emergency measures taken are legal, proportionate, necessary and non-discriminatory.

I congratulate all Ugandans that tirelessly defend our freedoms, advocate for justice, human dignity, free and fair elections. Thank you.

Winnie Kiiza,

Member of Parliament,
Parliament of Uganda.