The mandate of the leader of the opposition in Parliament is derived from Article 82A of the 1995 constitution of the republic of Uganda as amended and the administration of parliament (Amendment) Act, 2006 which provides specific provisions of the establishment and operation of the office of the leader of Opposition of Parliament.

The office of the leader of Opposition was introduced in parliament at the inception of the 8th parliament pursuant to the constitutional provisions that restored multi party politics in Uganda. Section 6E of the administration of Parliament (Amendment Act 2006) stipulates that principle role of the leader of the opposition is to keep government in check. Here are some of the functions of the office of the leader of opposition.

  • To keep the government in check.
  • Appointing a shadow cabinet with portfolios and functions corresponding to those of cabinet ministers.
  • Participating in the determination of and scheduling of business in parliament through the business committee
  • Vetting of presidential nominees to ministerial positions and heads of institutions through the Appointments committee.
  • Holding regular consultations with the Leader of government business and speaker on parliamentary and national development matters
  • Studying government policy statements and possible alternatives

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